Mental Health Lottery

About us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to champion mental wellness for everyone. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers to mental health care, promoting understanding and empathy, and supporting individuals in achieving a balanced and fulfilling mental state. Through advocacy, education, and fundraising, we strive to create a society where mental wellness is prioritised, and every person has access to the support and resources they need to thrive.

Why Us?

We are the UKs only single cause lottery for mental health. This specialised fundraising platform is committed to gathering support and increasing funding and awareness for mental health issues. By uniting our efforts, we aim to forge a future that is both brighter and free from stigma


What we do?

Championing Mental Wellness Through Purposeful Initiatives

Community Outreach Programs

Engaging with communities to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and foster support for mental health causes.

Specialised Support for Mental Health Conditions

Tailored mental health programs dedicated to supporting the unique needs.

Survivor Empowerment Programs

Providing resources, counselling, and empowerment initiatives for survivors of abuse, fostering resilience and healing.

Youth Mental Health Initiatives

Implementing programs that focus on early intervention, education, and support for the mental well-being of children and adolescents.

Holistic Suicide Prevention Campaigns

Comprehensive campaigns addressing the root causes of suicide, promoting awareness, and providing accessible support systems.

Innovative Research and Advocacy

Contributing to the advancement of mental health knowledge through research and advocating for policy changes to improve mental health services.