Mental Health Lottery

Winning Big for Mental Health: How Your Support Transforms Lives

The vital role this funding platform plays in funding and establishing a robust and impactful mental health support framework.

It lays the groundwork for vital research, enhances awareness, guarantees access to essential treatments, and underpins numerous initiatives designed to improve the mental well-being of individuals facing mental health challenges.

By participating in our Lottery or making a donation, you are making a significant contribution towards extending our support network to a greater number of individuals in need.

We are deeply committed to enhancing the accessibility of mental health support services. Our charity ensures that every penny of your donations received is directly allocated to this vital cause.

This financial structure is designed to maximise the impact of your contributions on the mental health support we can provide, ensuring that a significant portion of the funds directly supports those in need.

How Your Donations and Lottery Tickets Help

£50 will cover the cost of a counselling session for a child or adult 

£60 will cover the cost of a support group for up to ten people

£100 covers the cost of a trained abuse support worker for the day

£1000 covers the cost of the utilities for a year in a support centre