Women’s Centre

Our Women’s only centres provide information, advice, support and training or education in safe, women-only spaces allowing women Veterans and wives. Many women accessing Women’s Centres face multiple challenges and their work therefore covers a wide range of issues such as health, violence and abuse, employment, education, rights, and criminal justice issues. Services and activities provided by Women’s Centres vary according to the needs of their community but often include

  • One to one holistic support
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Domestic Abuse programmes
  • Group work – Courses and workshops
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Sign-posting to other services/sources of support

Women’s Centres first appeared in the 1970s to provide a local base for campaigning, consciousness-raising and to house support services such as incest survivor groups and Rape Crisis Helplines. A number have operated continuously ever since while others have been more recently established.

There are currently around 50 such centres in England and Wales with a strong focus on providing support for the most disadvantaged women in their communities, I think we are the first women centre in the North East that will all so provide a team that support female veterans. Their work continues to be underpinned by a commitment to addressing gender discrimination and all forms of inequality.

Why women-only mental health services?

We believe that women with mental health support need to benefit from gender-specific services for the following reasons:

  • It offers women a choice.
  • It provides a safe environment.
  • It allows women to have access to female support workers.
  • It provides positive role-models from an all-female workforce.
  • It offers an empathetic and gender-specific response