Mental Health Lottery Opens First Centre

The Recovery Centre was opened with a budget of just £1000.

All the painting and decorating and work to open the centre was done by volunteers and services users people from the community and North Tyneside Council has supported the project by making the project rates FREE.

This project shows how much can be done with so little money. The centre is run by volunteers and ex-services users from Anxious Minds counselling services giving some of its members a reason to get up every morning and re-join the community.

It is located in the hart of Wallsend in North Tyneside and belongs to the people it serves they decide what events and groups go on in the Recovery Centres supported by its team of volunteers so the centre is run, for the community by the community.

The centre opened in October 2019 and already has over 800 members fighting back against loneliness and bringing a community together as well as the in-house support the Recovery Centres have there own Facebook Group over 1100 members

The Mental Health Lottery is to provide support to the Anxious Minds Recovery Centre based in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

The project opened in October 2019 and already supports over 800 members


This is just the FIRST of many centres The Mental Health Lottery is going to support.

If you want better mental health services support

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